Boost computer start up speed by removing unnecessary programs

Most people will wonder why there computer used to be much faster or boot up much faster.  This is because after time and after we have installed many programs, many of these programs will automatically run on startup.  This is a useful tip that will remove programs that are not needed on startup and can be opened after the computer starts up by yourself when needed.

Step 1:  Select the Start Menu, type Run in the search field and hit enter to open the Run command.  The Run command may also be listed on the right side of the Start Menu.  If it is not, this is how you can add it.  Right click on the Taskbar and select properties.  Select the Start Menu tab, then select the Customize button.  Last, select the Run command check box.  You will now have the run command added to your start menu.

Step 2:  With the run command open, input the text msconfig and hit the enter key.

Step 3:  Select the Startup tab.

You can now uncheck the boxes next to any startup item not needed.  It is good to leave any hardware related items, such as audio, video, etc.  However, if you are 

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