Link images from Microsoft Word to Paint for easy editing

I came across this neat functionality and wanted to share it.  This can be very helpful and save a lot of time when creating a Microsoft Word document that contains images, either for school projects, projects for work, or anything of the like.  For most of us, if we created a Word document in the past and needed to insert an image, we would usually need to ensure the image was saved as its own file.  We would make any changes to this image or newly created graphics and do a “save as” in order to keep this image for use later on.  Then, we would need to open this image in Word via the insert picture function to insert this image in the Word document.  If any additional changes were needed to be made to that image, we would need to make those changes in an image editing program, re-save the document, and re-insert the image back into word.

Using this neat functionality, which is built into Word, can save time by not having to work with a separate file for the image, but rather Word will trigger Paint to automatically open the image that was selected in the Word document, and any change made in Paint will change on the fly back in the Word document.  Or, you can simply use this functionality and use Paint to create better graphics than the built in image editing functions of Word.

Here are the easy steps to allow Word to automatically open images, graphics, or pictures to Paint that need editing, and to have any changes made in Paint, show automatically back in Word.  First, open Microsoft Word, and then select Insert, and then select Object.  Last, select Bitmap Image as the Object type.  This will create a window in the Word document that can be used to create custom pictures, images, or graphics from Paint.  You can also copy any picture that was already opened in Paint, copy it, then after the Bitmap Image object was created in Word, you can paste that image into the Paint window that was opened via the Bitmap Image insert functionality and have this image linked to this Word document that can easily be edited at any time.  You no longer have to open the image on its own, make the edits, then save the file, and insert it back into Word.  This Insert Bitmap Image functionality allows images in your Word document to be linked with Paint, so they can easily be edited, and the changes will go to the image in the Word document on the fly!

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