I lost my software license / product key!

There always comes a time when a person needs to replace their computer.  Following, now that you have your new computer, you need to re-install your Microsoft Office software or Adobe Acrobat software that you can’t work without.  However, you can’t find your documentation that includes the licenses for your software!  What can you do?  Have no worry, as there are free software solutions that you can use to retrieve those licenses, so you can re-install your licensed software on your new computer.  A tool that is free and works very well for retrieving the embedded product keys from your licensed software is called SIW or also known as Software Information for Windows.  All you need to do is load this software after it has been installed, choose “Licenses” under the “Software” heading, and it will search your computer for any licensed software and list its product key.  Since most licensed software can be downloaded for free, as it requires the product key to install and ultimately run, now you can download your licensed software on your new computer and utilize the product key that you retrieved from your old computer using SIW!

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